Mission Viejo

I had a lot of anxiety about taking my kids to the dentist. I was so pleased with the way they took care of my kids, they actually like going to the dentist! The dentists are very sensitive and caring and made them feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend them to every parent.

Shonda F, San Clemente

This is just a "wonderful office"....Dr. Lee and her associates have been taking great care of our daughters since 2002! We Highly recommend Irvine Children's Dentistry!

Jennifer P, Irvine

I thought the extraction was going to hurt, but it was relaxing with laughing gas. It didn't even feel like they were touching my tooth.

Eric R. patient, Rancho Santa Margarita

We have been thrilled with your office-everyone from front desk to dental assistants to dentists. Alicia had been scared of dentists and now she looks forward to her visit!

Sharon L, Irvine

We LOVE coming here. We travel from San Clemente just to be with this great staff. They truly care about children and their fears or concerns. They take time to talk to the children, inform them, and make their dental experience fun. The staff informs parents of any concerns and how parents can help their children care for their teeth. We appreciate this staff very much!

Kristi S, San Clemente

I can't tell you how pleased I was with your services. My daughter has previously been terrified of having any one look in her mouth. You managed to do x-rays, a check-up and cleaning with her totally cooperating. We've been talking about the visit ever since and I think she remains very positive. Your office was perfect-great idea to have computers and toys for the kids. The TV sets in the exam room really got her to focus away from her fears onto something positive. Thank You!

Shannon L, Irvine

"Thank you so much Dr. Lee and Martha for your kindness and gentleness with my two children Carter and Kasey. They look forward to coming to the dentist and it is always a positive experience for them. Thank you all for taking the time to explain what is happening to put the children at ease. We could not do it without all of your help!"

Kim, Mission Viejo

Both my boys (ages 2 & 4) LOVE Dr. Lani. She is sweet and supportive & talks to my kids in a way they understand and respect. My 4 yr old likes her so much, he is asked if she can be his "regular" doctor too!

Tracy B, Huntington Beach

We love Dr. Chang! She was so good with Avery and made getting a filling so easy. We are switching to her for all our visits.

Allison H, Irvine

Thank you for making our son's first dental visit so easy. Dr. Lee and your office are very friendly and patient. See you in 6 months!

Victoria K, Irvine

Dr. Chand was very nice. My kids usually don't do well with doctors, but they were excited to see her.

Olivia W, Irvine

This office is outstanding! We love Dr. Lee and Dr. Chand. The office is clean and the kids actually get excited to come to the dentist. You all do a wonderful job and I wouldn't make a change. Thank you!

Helen B, Irvine

Dr. Chand was great w' Lauren and Drew. She also explained what we had to do to keep their teeth healthy. Also of note, dental assistant Martha was amazing with my son drew. She was so patient and very caring.

Nina L, Irvine

Dr. Lani Chang was really great with Stephanie. She made her feel very comfortable and explained the procedure to her. It was a great experience. She was kind and friendly. Very professional.

Gina F, Irvine

Irvine Children's Dentistry is extremely professional and provide great service to our children and to us, the parents, as well. They are knowledgeable about children's teeth and make office visits very comfortable for our daughters. The girls look forward to coming to their check-ups. Thank you for helping us take such good care of our daughter's teeth.

Shirley R, Irvine

I could not have been more satisfied with my twin sons' first visit to the dentist. Dr. Chand and her staff create an environment that is not only enjoyable for children, but even fun, with their friendly and genuine attitudes, their selection of toys and other surprises for the happy dental patients. This means so much to me as a parent because I know it will provide my children with an incentive and positive associations with dental care to continue caring for their teeth as they get older. That is a privilege that not every child is fortunate to have at the Dentist.

Hallie S, San Clemente

As far as dentist offices go, this place is fun, bright, kid friendly and entertaining. The kids have fun toys to play with while they wait to go back to be seen. Once they get to the back there are TV's in front and above them. The staff is amazing with the children. Very kid oriented and friendly staff

Amanda F, San Clemente

Love your office! Everyone from front reception to the Dentist to the decor of office is amazing.

Shally E, San Clemente

We chose Capistrano Children's Dentistry for our child's dental care because it is closer to our home than the one we went before. It turned out it was the right decision. Dr. Chand is very knowledgeable and made the treatment process very fun for my daughter. Gina the dental assistant, is very nice and good at handling little kids for their dental care. Jessica is very friendly and warm and efficient at her job. I love your team. We had wonderful experiences at your office.

Yanli Z, San Clemente

We definitely chose the right dentist! My daughter is five & unfortunately she had some major work done. The doctors & staff were so good to her she couldn't wait to go back. She was even chanting "Dentist, Dentist" on the way to a dentist appt. They were very informative. I was and am very happy with Capistrano Children's Dentistry.

Anika S, San Clemente

My daughter's first visit was great. She thinks going to the dentist is fun and is already excited for her next visit.

Nikola D, San Clemente

My almost four year old daughter had her very first dental visit. I had selected Capistrano Children's Dentistry because we had received a cute flyer in the mail and I wanted my daughter to feel comfortable. We were about to leave for her appointment and my mommy fears kicked in and I was worried about how she was going to react and if she was going to get scared or become restless. My fears were put to rest the minute we walked in, we were greeted by Jessica, she was super nice and immediately made my daughter feel at ease, she asked what DVD she would like to watch and she chose a Barbie movie. I was worried about seeing a sterile-looking patient room, but I was very pleased at the set up I saw, pictures and TWO monitor screens, one in front, for when the child is sitting up and one up above, for when the child is lying down. Also, to top it off, she was given sun glasses to prepare her for glare of the examining light and was given a nice selection of flavors to choose from for cleaning and for fluoride. Dr. Lee and her assistant were so nice; the way they talked to my daughter was, honestly, incredible, she was not scared at all. Being the crazy-picture-taking-mommy, I have pictures to prove it! She even allowed them to floss and take x-rays, thought I would never see that day. Dr. Lee carefully went over instructions on how to care for my daughter's teeth. Before departing, we were given a welcome bag and she was given a toy, stickers, and a thank you for coming care bag with some dental care goodies. This was a great experience and I know this feedback is super long, but Dr. Lee and her staff were just fantastic! I highly recommend them! Best regards and a Big Thank You.

Christy O, San Clemente

Capistrano Children's Dentistry is simply awesome! Dr Lee was so understanding & took the time to answer all my questions. Jessica, who scheduled my appointment was super friendly too! I already told 2 friends about the office.

Lauren P. San Clemente

I was concerned that my 3 1/2 year old was going to put up a fight and that we would be leaving w' dirty teeth! Right when he walked in the door Jessica greeted us with such loving energy and my son ran up to her and openned his mouth to show her his teeth! He put up a little bit of a struggle, but not near what I was anticipating! He did very well and I know it was because of the loving nature of Jessica, Dr. Chand and all the others that make this office run so smoothly!

Stephanie P, San Juan Capistrano

We absolutely love the friendliness of this office. We tried several dentists for our 4 and 7 year old boys but were never really satisfied. We love that it is never a long wait and that our appointment times are so prompt here. We moved to San Juan Capistrano but don't mind the drive and will continue to stay with this office. Dr. Lee is great! My boys love it here.

Adriane, San Juan Capistrano

I am very happy with treatment that was done on my 4 year old daughter. Dentist Chand was very patient with my daughter and explain every detail to both of us. Jessica is very helpful and friendly in every office visit we have. My two daughters love coming to the dentist. We have all had great experiences.

Araseli G, San Juan Capistrano

Our 3 & 5 year olds just returned from their very first visit to a dentist. We procrastinated for a long time with this, fearing a total catastrophe if someone got near their teeth. Easing them into the appointment with "Toy Story" was great, but that wasn't what made the day such a complete surprise and relief to me. Dr. Chand could not have done a better job making our kids comfortable in a new & scary situation. I'm sure this profession can be thankless at times, but please keep up the great work! My son actually proclaimed he wants to be a dentist someday.

Sarah C, San Clemente

Our son just turned 2 years old & I was very apprehensive about his 1st visit. I didn't think he'd be cooperative. I was so wrong - Jessica & Dr. Chand were very friendly & welcoming & super excited to see our son. He got to watch Mickey Mouse during the exam & he just loved all the toys & fish decorations. We are so glad to have found a great pediatric dentist!

Irish M Y, San Clemente

We loved the whole "experience." I can not beleive there is a dentist out there as great as this place ... from Jessica to all the doctors / dentist assistants to Buzz and Woody! It was perfect and we cannot be happier with every aspect of our visit.

Kelly Forte, San Clemente

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