I'm thrilled with how fun visiting a dentist can be for my 1 and 3 year olds. But most of all, Dr. Chand encouraged my daughter to stop sucking her thumb. It was like magic. I love them. Jeanne Walker, San Juan Capistrano

Thank you so much Dr. Lee and Martha for your kindness and gentleness with my two children Carter and Kasey. They look forward to coming to the dentist and it is always a positive experience for them. Thank you all for taking the time to explain what is happening to put the children at ease. We could not do it without all of your help! Kim, Mission Viejo

Dr. Wu is a very sensitive, caring and technically excellent orthodontist. My 8 year old has a strong gag reflex and Dr. Wu was able to relax and distract her many times throughout the process. The front office staff is friendly and flexible as well. We were very happy with the first phase of her orthodontic treatment. Shelley Hollander, Newport Coast

My two children had a very pleasant first visit. We were all treated with much kindness from a very friendly staff. Dr. Chand spent time explaining procedures to my children and to us. We are happy we found you! Kirstie Halka, Aliso Viejo

My children love coming to Dr. Lee's office. Everyone is so helpful, happy and kind. It is a great experience for kids - no fear of dentists here! Julie, Laguna Beach

We really like this office and the staff is the very best. :) keep up the good work! Sandra Valdivia, Mission Viejo

Dr. Wu & staff are the best in the business. Office staff is on the ball, working as a team to make the process smooth. Kyle Turner, Aliso Viejo

Both my boys (ages 2&4) LOVE Dr. Lani. She is sweet and supportive and talks to my kids in a way they understand and respect. My 4 year old likes her so much, he's asked if she can be his "regular" doctor, too! Tracy Bidsi, Huntington Beach

Going to the dentist is never exactly "fun" but this is a sunny, upbeat office with a friendly staff. Thanks for education and care with a smile. Jayne Lewis, Irvine

Dr. Wu is a very sensitive, caring and technically excellent orthodontist. My 8 year old has a strong gag reflex and Dr. Wu was able to relax and distract her many times throughout the process. The front office staff is friendly and flexible as well. We were very happy with the first phase of her orthodontic treatment. Shelley Hollander, Newport Coast

I am so grateful for finding you all! I have been to three different dentists with my kids & none of them have given me the feel you all did. The experience & warm welcome I received stepping through the front door was enough for me. Topping it off was my 4-year-old saying "Mama, I like the dentist!" when we got into the car. That's enough to "sell" any mom on a dentist for her kids! Vidette Vanderweide, Laguna Niguel

We definitely chose the right dentist! My daughter is five & unfortunately she had some major work done. The doctors & staff were so good to her she couldn't wait to go back. She was even chanting "Dentist, Dentist" on the way to a dentist appt. They were very informative. I was and am very happy with Capistrano Children's Dentistry. Anika Schuda, San Clemente

I think Ethan couldn't have gotten a better experience with his orthodontic treatment than he did with Dr. Wu. Thank you for providing orthodontic treatment at your office (along with general dentistry). Sylvia Carson, Lake Forest

Our experience with Dr. Wu and the staff has been wonderful! They are always professional, caring, and quite knowledgeable in their orthodontic care. My daughter, Yasamin, was always put at ease from the beggining of getting her braces to the end. We feel a part of the family when coming here. Thank you for a great experience.Ellie Marvasti, Trabuco Canyon

We absolutely love the friendliness of this office. We tried several dentists for our 4 and 7 year old boys but were never really satisfied. We love that it is never a long wait and that our appointment times are so prompt here. We moved to San Juan Capistrano but don't mind the drive and will continue to stay with this office. Dr. Lee is great! My boys love it here. Adriane, San Juan Capistrano

This office is outstanding! We love Dr. Lee and Dr. Chand. The office is clean and the kids actually get excited to come to the dentist. You all do a wonderful job and I wouldn't make a change. Thank you!Helen Baxter, Irvine

Love your office! Everyone from front reception to the Dentist to the decor of office is amazing.Shally Entezam, San Clemente

Dr. Lani Chang was really great with Stephanie. She made her feel very comfortable and explained the procedure to her. It was a great experience. She was kind and friendly. Very professional.Gina Frechette, Irvine

My one and a half year old had a great first visit! He went straight to the toys in the waiting room, which was a great way for him to feel at ease while waiting. Once inside the exam room, it was bright and colorful with Mickey Mouse playing. When he felt a little uneasy when the dentist inspected his teeth, everyone was so accommodating-gave him a balloon and a toothbrush to hold. The dentist, Dr. Chand, was very patient, answered all of my questions and offered great advice! Brandi Casteel, Laguna Niguel

We began our relationship with the exceptional pediatric dentists at ICD in 1999. The care my 2 children have received has been nothing short of exceptional. Though we have since moved to South Orange County, our first and only choice for pediatric dential care is Dr. Lee and her dedicated staff. Not even recent changes in our dental insurance, specifically ICD not being preferred provider , could cause us to seek a different dentist. Dr Lee and her staff are the "gold standard" in pediatric dental care....Exceptional dental care, patient & loving dentist & staff...these are all hallmarks of ICD.Elizabeth Tambini, Foothill Ranch

Letters from the Doctors

Letters From Our Orange County Pediatric Dentists

Dear Valued Patients and Families,

I am writing this letter in hopes that I can express what it is that I want most for our practice and our patients. Perhaps, through this letter, I can convey to you our goals as your Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontist.

As I think back to my graduation in 1998, I remember how excited I was to finally become a Pediatric Dentist. My primary goals in my early years of practicing were to learn as much as possible about serving children and their families effectively. Although I enjoyed working as a Dentist, I found that in some offices, the Dentists were not allowed to practice in a way that was best for their patients. Some offices were heavily dominated with patients on HMO/PPO plans that either limited or dictated the way that we practiced. Their focus was oftentimes more on patient volume than quality care. Dentists were sometimes forced to complete treatment under certain time restrictions, despite the fact that children usually have their own schedules. The goal in some of these practices was to "just get the job done", regardless of how the child was reacting. I never felt good when a child left the office terrified to ever come back to the Dentist again.

Early in my career, I realized that I did not want to practice this way. As a child, I was afraid to go to the Dentist. As an adult, I still harbor a bit of apprehension when going to the Dentist! I will be the first Dentist to admit that Dentistry can be very difficult. I have numerous friends and family who avoid the Dentist due to bad childhood experiences. Therefore, I have realized that our work as Pediatric Dentists is insignificant if our patients grow up never seeking dental care again.

Today, I can honestly say that I love the way our Doctors and Staff practice Dentistry. The most rewarding thing about my job is turning a frightened, apprehensive child into a patient who loves to come see us. One of our parents said to me, "My child wanted to come to the Dentist on his birthday because he loves it here so much." This statement was just about the best compliment our practice could ever receive.

We feel fortunate to have the trust of so many families and physicians in our community.  All of our dental assistants are Registered Dental Assistants (RDA's) and many have been with our practice for over a decade. We do not hire inexperienced or unlicensed staff in order to save money. Our best achievement in building our practices is retaining staff who work hard and truly love children. All of our staff and doctors believe in the golden rule "Treat others as you would like to be treated." I am very proud of our practices. Dr. Chand, Dr. Lani, Dr. Yvonne and Dr. Wu are wonderful caring dentists.  Our team holds degrees from the top dental schools in the nation, and as mothers ourselves, we treat our patients as we would our own children.

We have many goals for our practices. We strive for state of the art, quality care in a clean and professional environment. We want our parents to feel comfortable about calling us at any time with questions or concerns. We also want to educate our families so our patients grow up cavity free.  We want your children to feel positive about going to the dentist so they grow up to be adults who seek out regular dental care. In summary, we want to serve you the best way that we can and we are humbled and thankful that you have chosen us to care for your children.

Dr. Clara Lee

Dear Patients, Parents and Families,

Welcome to our practice! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your children. I hope this letter conveys to you the mission of our practice and provides you a glimpse into our office.

My belief is that childhood experiences shape a person’s perception throughout his or her life. Growing up in a family of four children with immigrant parents, money was very scarce. Our only option for dental care was a local free dental clinic provided for lower income families. I always dreaded visiting this dental clinic –it was so cold and stale.

I recall one visit when I had to get two baby teeth removed because my adult teeth had already come in. Although I was frightened, I worked up all my courage to sit in the dental chair and be brave. When the dentist arrived, she didn’t say a word to me and proceeded to lay out all her instruments before my eyes; once I saw the instruments, I jumped out of the chair and ran out the door! My father was stunned as he watched me run out of the office with the dentist chasing after me. Embarrassed by the situation, my father took me home and gave me two options: I could either go back to the dentist, or he would pull my teeth out right then and there with a pair of pliers! I opted for my father to take my teeth out. Looking back, it seems pretty ridiculous that I allowed my father, a man who had no dental training, to take out my teeth. The truth was that I was so afraid of the dentist that I would rather let my father pull out my teeth before stepping back into the dentist’s office. Because of this childhood experience, I still harbor a bit of anxiety when I go in for any dental visit and this is why I became a pediatric dentist. My goal is to provide my patients with positive experiences from the very first time they see me, so that they become adults who regularly visit the dentist without any anxiety.

This goal is our mission, which is reflected in our staff and doctors. From the very first minute a patient walks into our office, we all work in concert to make each child’s dental visit a pleasant and positive one. I am very proud of our practice because our staff continues to strive for excellence in everything they do. We are dedicated to providing quality dental care in a nurturing environment and are glad to welcome you into our family. I look forward to caring for your children for many years to come!

Dr. Anna Chand


Dr. Lee, a Southern California native, graduated from UCLA’s School of Dentistry in 1998. She works hard to ensure that her young patients grow up with a positive attitude towards regular dental care and good oral health. Dr. Lee remains active in the local Orange County community.

Dr. Chand received her D.D.S from the UCLA School of Dentistry and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Chand strives to make each dental visit with her young patients a positive and pleasant experience in order to ensure a lifelong commitment to oral health from a young age.

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